Science, research and development

Rigorous scientific spirit: the key factors of optimization, innovation and reliability

We continue to improve the performance of our ingredients to help you innovate and succeed in the market.We seek to diversify our final products, develop new markets and seek new opportunities in existing products.The secret of all our achievements lies in the rigorous scientific spirit.

Continuous product improvement

Product innovation is essential to our business: we do everything we can to improve existing products and develop new solutions for gelatin, gelatin function, and other collagen raw materials.

Cutting-edge research on biomedical solutions

Our gelatin and collagen are currently high-purity products on the market, and quickly occupy a place in the field of biomedical applications.In this fast-growing market, our scientists conduct cutting-edge research on the potential of gelatin and protein and their benefits to patients.

A new generation of products

The focus of our R&D department is to develop a new generation of products and technologies, and provide solutions to bring you and consumers new advantages, from optimized solutions for the gummy candy market to new products that bring health benefits backed by technology.

Method innovation

Method innovation is also a major topic of Jiayi. For example, we have unified the analysis methods for the determination of gelatin and hydrolyzed collagen properties (such as molecular weight), and developed or optimized special analysis methods for gelatin matrices.