Committed to the highest standards

At Jiayi Biological, we are committed to meeting the highest standards. Our products meet the world's highest quality, safety and sustainability standards through stable, world-class quality, and are delivered on time and on demand.This is due to the strict quality and performance indicators we implement.

We invest in the latest technology, advanced automation systems and optimized models in order to provide customers with the best products.These initiatives enable us and our customers to maintain a competitive advantage.

Food safety:

Food companies have the highest requirements for food safety.Our well-designed quality assurance system ensures maximum traceability of raw materials and complies with international food and pharmaceutical standards to ensure food safety.

Delivery according to specifications:

We insist on delivering the goods in accordance with the specifications to ensure that customers can get the correct solution in the first time.To this end, we implement strict international standards to ensure consistency between batches of goods.At the same time, at the Jiayi Biological Factory, we conduct scientific sensory tests on all final products to ensure that they have consistent sensory properties, which also ensures that our collagen peptides and food gelatin can meet the quality and characteristics expected by customers.

On-time delivery:

We use a streamlined supply chain that backs up the production organization to ensure on-time delivery.The design of this supply chain allows us to efficiently provide products on a global scale.

Continuous improvement:

Jiayi Biological has been committed to continuously improving our products, processes and technologies to create new and lasting value for customer service.To this end, we have invested heavily on a global scale to maintain our technology and competitiveness in a leading position in the market.At the same time, we continue to update equipment and train employees to ensure the best output.