Higher Standards

    We are committed to achieving higher standards.  Due to our strict implementation of quality and performance targets, our products meet higher global standards for quality, safety, and sustainability, delivered on time and in demand.

Enterprise Standard GB31645 & Industry Standard QB2732 (Better Than The Chinese Standard)

Test ItemsChinese StandardTest ResultTest ItemsChinese StandardTest ResultTest ItemsChinese StandardTest Result
Peptide Content>90%99%Lead1Not DetectedTotal colonies1000100
Hydroxyproline>3%11%Cadmium0.1Not DetectedEscherichia coli11<10
Total Nitrogen>15%17.5%Total Arsenic10.063Salmonella0Not Detected

Benzoic acid

Sorbic acid

Not Detected
Moisture<7%5%Total Mercury0.1Not Detected

Saccharin sodium


Sunset Yellow FCF

Not Detected